About Andrea Bernstein

Andrea's fascination with color and patterns began at an early age. She commenced her training at the National Art League at the age of seven years old and received a scholarship to Pratt Institute at the age of 12 years. Painting with oils, acrylics and watercolors until adulthood, she also dabbled with printmaking, stained glass, photography and accessory design. Always intrigued by dichroic glass, Andrea decided to take a class at a local art league and she was captivated. The possibilities are endless. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind because of inherent properties of the glass. Dichroic glass reflects one color while transmitting a completely different color! As a warm glass artist, Andrea continues her journey of self-experimentation by utilizing the techniques of etching and engraving on dichroic glass.

Growing up amid the cement walls of the city, Andrea was fascinated by a tree outside her window. She often studied it, observing the ways it found life in an otherwise barren place. Its growth represented the ability to flourish and instilled in her a greater adoration for nature. When Andrea began creating pendants, the tree naturally became a representation of her business and the foundation of the "Tree of Life" collection.

Andrea currently teaches the art of dichroic glass jewelry making in her studio in New York City. Her creations have been exhibited in boutiques and at renowned craft shows in the Northeast. As a member of The Artisan Group, Andrea's creations have been gifted to A-list celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Vanessa Lachey. She also created necklaces for the SWAG bags at 2013 GBK Golden Globes Gifting Lounge and for the press at the Oscar's Gift Lounge.

Andrea has enhanced her skills by studying at the Corning Museum of Glass and was honored to receive the award of First Place Jewelry at the Corning Glass Fest in May 2013. Andrea's passion for color combinations and originality is undoubtedly intriguing and reflects her colorful outlook on life.

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